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Drive business development through dynamic evolution to enhance and maintain high and sustainable competitiveness among traders for local and international glory


Malaysia International Trade Council | MITC continues to champion the mission of taking the Malaysian economy and industry to a greater level in the advent of the Digital Environment. Not just carrying the legacy of successful leaders but also to foster unity. Towards this, MITC will continue working with the government on issues affecting the interests of Malaysian entrepreneurs and traders.

MITC is now moving forward together with the community via a new mission by exploring, guiding, and sharing opportunities towards  an enhanced direction in achieving the aspirations of the digital tech economy. 



MITC was founded to help communities and countries form more traders to achieve success in international rankings and to stand strong and competitive in the face of today's global economic challenges.


To ensure that these goals can be achieved perfectly, a framework is organized through the formation of cooperation with various sectors of government and private agencies as well as foreign institutions to focus on each planned and implemented mission.


Emphasis will be prioritized on markets and economic development in all sectors, active involvement in economic science, especially the digital economy (digital economy), exploring new economic opportunities, enhancing trade & investment missions, high impact investment cooperation, applying technology paradigms in various industries and providing platforms. strategic and innovative trade and business.


In order to mobilize these activities and functions, apart from providing various infrastructures and infrastructures, a very important matter is its duty and role in increasing public awareness, especially entrepreneurs and SMEs, to actively cooperate in the framework of strategic development through aggressive campaigns and planning. preparation of a more comprehensive development and expansion including fostering wider opportunities accompanied by adequate facilities and assistance as well as ongoing training.


This is very important to ensure that all available infrastructure and facilities can be mobilized and utilized as well as possible to ensure that all planning goes well and achieves the desired results and objectives.


In fact, it is MITC's greatest responsibility to handle the challenges that hinder entrepreneurs from growing and competing in the marketplace. To that end, several steps to identify and address have been outlined for appropriate action.


MITC is like a great shade for the community, especially the community of entrepreneurs and traders, to be a shelter and a place to live, to become a voice and pulse together to make Malaysia a developed, strong and harmonious country.


It is MITC's commitment to revive the glory of this beloved country, which has been recorded in history how we were known, prospered, and respected as a great international center of trade between the eastern and western continents.


Bringing charismatic and talented traders into the global arena to forge success in a wider market to strengthen the country's economy



1. Carry out international trade and investment missions throughout the Asian and European regions


2. Provide potential investment opportunities at home and abroad.


3. Training and guidance towards import & export market preparation


4. Organizing Local and International Trade Fairs.


5. Platform for International Trade and Cultural Center.


6. Provide business development funds and export market funds to the community of traders and traders.






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1. To be the Leading Agency for International Trade towards empowering the economy by making Malaysia the best hub for global trade in various industries


2. To be the Agency that drives the growth of Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship) towards the transformation of Digital Economy in Industry 4.0 in line with the National Entrepreneurship Policy


3. Developing with the Nation makes the digital economy industry the heart of the fast-growing new economy around the world


4. To make Malaysia a developed country with high-income citizens.



1. Creating a network of strong trade relations with the organization acting as great shade and voice in safeguarding and defending the interests and rights of members in business dealings with the government and the private sector is to safeguard the general benefit and welfare of members.

2. Strive to improve the professional status and performance of members by identifying and realizing good and quality business opportunities in trade activities at the national and international levels in order to achieve national entrepreneurship policy.


3. Strive to create and provide capital funds and guidance in terms


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